Two black bugs and sixteen red ants
February 7, 2012 | 2 Comments | 381 views |

Frank went deep into the bush
Hiding from his father’s stare
Saving himself from Amanda’s eyes
Amanda is more a mother than sister
And he finds her more intimidating
Than the wild bugs in the bush
He eyed two black bugs …

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3 Feb | No Comment | 200 views |

Man would be like the stone-age man living by depending on nature and its natural gifts. We would remain intelligent but ignorant about our intelligence. We could be content with the food we find in …

FDI in Indian Retail market
1 Feb | No Comment | 127 views |
FDI in Indian Retail market

Doesn’t the Indian Cabinet enjoy a right to design a bill in the interest of the Nation and present it to the Parliament for approval? The Opposition parties  opposed  the bill of FDI in retail …

Know your skin type – know yourself
30 Jan | One Comment | 64 views |
Know your skin type – know yourself

True beauty is the reflection of our inner and outer self. Which largely include our body cells, our skin types and our personal health and habit. Nurturing and nourishing ourselves can bring immense boost to …

Stringless love
30 Jan | No Comment | 56 views |
Stringless love

You go love bird, go off the strings
And explore the colors of the world
I am letting go you of my true love
I know that you know I love you true
I know that you know you …

The incompleteness is now complete
28 Jan | No Comment | 65 views |
The incompleteness is now complete

You had instilled such joy, I had felt complete
Not a care in the world no burden unwieldy
A song in my heart, tapping were my feet
There was a time when time stood still
Every moment when I …

Sparrow on my window
18 Jan | No Comment | 42 views |
Sparrow on my window

It was a sparrow
Yes, a little sparrow
All set to keep me on my toes
When the world slept in dark and peace
It would nibble, nick and flutter on the AC sil
It would shake me off my …

Watch your step, unruly road rollers are around
17 Jan | 6 Comments | 61 views |
Watch your step, unruly road rollers are around

 I live in the city of  Chennai, India. Do you know what it has become famous for in recent years? The city has nearly become the Detroit of USA, going by the number of  4- …

16 Jan | 4 Comments | 80 views |

The political trend in India kick starts and proceeds like a marathon but does not, or seems not to have finality, although politics is the oldest profession . Any political party definitely begins with or …

God’s Religion
14 Jan | One Comment | 41 views |
God’s Religion

When in religions all,
‘Mother’ means the same,
‘Father’ means the same,
Duties mean the same,
Rights mean the same.
When in religions all,
‘Good deeds’ mean the same,
‘Bad deeds’ mean the same,
When ‘Nature’ is the same,
‘Universe’ is the same,
When each …

Of family, love, life and tea drinking legacy
12 Jan | No Comment | 41 views |
Of family, love, life and tea drinking legacy

I woke up to a beautiful day, unlike the past couple of days when the sun did not wake up at all and the rains were having a ball. Not really a rain girl, I …

A Plea
11 Jan | One Comment | 51 views |
A Plea

God to man hath gifted nature
Whose nurture could do no one
So nature to man said,
I love thee no more
Felled you, my trees wantonly
Killed you my animals wantonly.
Polluted have you me thoroughly.
Nothing left have I to …

As a Child
10 Jan | 2 Comments | 112 views |
As a Child

As a child I always loved to go to office like my dad. Life sounded so happy for my father according to me, with no teacher homework etc. ‘Do what you like’ was the life …

“recollecting”the frog and the Princess
3 Jan | One Comment | 47 views |
“recollecting”the frog and the Princess

Well, its not everyday that you hear the frog & the Princess’ kiss alluded to. And hearing it twice from a damsel in traffic distress and a lad in croaking financial agony in one single day, …

3 Jan | No Comment | 45 views |

The cool desert wind,
I could feel it with eyes closed.
Looked down, I could see the stars,
Reflected in the water at my feet.
It was an oasis,
after miles of trudging.
I caught up the water
Saw the reflection in …

Seychelles, a Victim of Sea Piracy
15 Dec | One Comment | 57 views |
Seychelles, a Victim of Sea Piracy

Seychelles is no more a paradise for rich holidayers and tourists. It has become  a hunting ground for  pirates, Somalian pirates. Their operational  area is from Seychelles to Mahe, gulf of Aden and Maldives.
The pirates’ …

Children’s Dental Health
14 Dec | No Comment | 32 views |
Children’s Dental Health

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood conditions. More than 1 in 4 preschool- age children have experienced tooth decay, a significant increase during the past decade.
The preschool-age children, ages 2 to …

Unshed tears
12 Dec | One Comment | 42 views |
Unshed tears

Like dark clouds they strain,
On the verge of blue sky,
Vying to rush and drain,
The sea of her cheerless eye,
To show strength to world around,
With great effort she smiles,
For her child she holds the ground,
To protect …

Matters of the heart-\-break
9 Dec | One Comment | 66 views |
Matters of the heart-\-break

Are you in love with some person? Deeply in love? How free have you been with him/her physically?  If you have been  only hugging and kissing, this article is meant for you.  If you …

Color my heart
6 Dec | No Comment | 25 views |
Color my heart

The sky splashing colors
Blue red, oranges
Dark green, light green, purples, pinks
The best is the not-so-red color
The virgin red is very close to my heart
Full of hope, power and love
So what it’s not-so-red?
Difference between red and …

Who are you?
1 Dec | 2 Comments | 55 views |
Who are you?

Who are you?
Who really are you
You find more happiness in my pains
Than in your own happiness
You await my sad moment to be happy
You highs do not seem to amuse you anymore
You find solace in my …