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Have you seen this hindi drama flick called “Baghban”? You might not be even aware of this movie… it is one of those not so prominent Amitabh movies which one would really not mind missing. A lot of melodrama and crying and emotions and what not. Except for the fact that Hema Malini looks stunning even at this age, I didn’t really come out of the theatre with any take away.

But once back from the theatre, something in the movie really set me thinking. The movie depicted a modern age nuclear family of 4 children of Amitabh and Hema Malini. Amitabh and Hema were still the old generation couple who ultimately depended on the children financially and emotionally after their retirement. A very normal scenario that can occur with you and me.

What followed post that was a series of melodrama where the children scringe on taking care of both the parents causing a lot of emotional pain to the parents as well as themselves.

What set me thinking was not the melodrama… but the fact that the children treated the parents like a burden and hence it took them lot of will power to take care of the parents. These were the same children on whom these very same parents once doted and gave up their pleasures to pamper them. The thing to be noted is that these very same children want and believe that their own children will treat them better. Isn’t that strange. You are setting an example for your children by ill treating your own parents. And then you expect that your children will treat you differently. If at all, it will be only worse. Today’s children are more aware and smart. They learn by the second…

This was one of the very few Hindi movies that had an enduring impact on my mind and changed my outlook. The first time I changed my thinking was once I had my own child. I understood the pain that goes through a mother when her own children move out of the house, don’t listen to her… or for the simplest of things – don’t do things as per her expectations. The day my son couldn’t adjust to his school as well as other kids, hurt me so much. I cant imagine the pain that I will go through during more tougher situations.

This movie changed my thinking a second time. I have begun to respect my in-laws more and give more respect to my own brother and sister-in-law for the love they show to my parents.

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  1. What do you mean by asking…..”have you seen….Baghaban””? You might not be even aware of this movie… it is one of those not so prominent Amitabh movies which one would really not mind missing”
    …..let me tell you, it is one of the prominent movies of Amitabh in recent times…..anyways…..with ur limited knowledge of Bollywood….its ok:)

    But i do appreciate your thought….and also all the more if it changes the way you look at things….we think our Hindi movies are just mindless crap but i guess we have some take aways from them as well as consciously or unconsciously they do revolve round our Value system. I believe all this High drama in movies does drive in a point in everybody’s life at some point or the other.

  2. Sonal, I agree with most of the thoughts..
    Just to add, it depends a lot on how one has been brought up by their parents…Its the Value system…
    Just to give a small example which is not related to this topic, My Mom used to encourage me to celebrate all national festivals like Independence day, Republic Day like we celebrate our cultural ferstivals like Diwlali etc. She used to encourage me to read Mahatma Gandhi, watch Desh Bhakti films, participate in painting competition on 2nd oct etc. I used to do it for fun without understanding the imporatnatce of it.
    The impact of such upbrining was not that I became very patriotic and joined the arm forces but it incubated the thought that there is something which is more imporatnt than your personal happiness and you owe a lot to the society/country. I feel immense happiness when I see my 5 year daughter draws Tiranga..
    So in nutshell, you give what you have apart from adding what you have…

  3. Shilpa: I will ignore the first part of your response ;-), thanks for the thought, I agree that many bollywood movies do send a subtle message to those that are listening !

    Anupam: Wonderful thoughts, its frightening sometimes to know how much we can influence our children!

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