My tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael jakson
Michael Jackson
I m very Sad very very Sad… somehow I am unable to digest the fact that Michael Jackson is dead. I wonder why I am feeling so low for a person who is no where related to me, but, I know why I feel so hurt because he had made some good music.  He will always remain the king of POP and will always be alive in our hearts. I would like to offer my prayers to him.

I read in news paper that when the news of MJ death fans bombarded on internet, internet went slow. This shows the popularity of the man. No matter what he did wrong in his life but his music will always keep him alive. He must have done some hideous things but now everything went with him except his music. When I think about Michael Jackson I visualise him moon walking wearing the lighted jacket and his famous scream. Alas! We would never be able to see this great man performing live. It was my dream to see one of his live performances. I think I started listening to English music with MJ black and white .I remember my cousin got the cassette which she did not even let me touch it!

This is one aspect but what about the other aspect of celebrity status. He started his solo career at tender age of 13.Imagine after getting so much fame that too so early in life what must have happened to the child? I think he never got the chance to see the real world. It must be tough when you have to behave what other expect and you have to meet everybody expectations. I am sure it must be lot of pressure. MJ got fame too early in his life and I believe he was not able to balance this whole image. He was never able to mature.

He did all kinds of experiments I don’t understand why he got the plastic surgery done? On one side he was singing “no matter if you are black or white” and on other hand he got this crazy plastic surgery done. Though I totally agree that everybody has there share of eccentricities. In eighties he was worshipped, everything was going right and suddenly in nineties things started going wrong he got into plastic surgery, failure of it, child abuse, failed album and than child molestation charges. And in 21st century he was out of money also. See how life takes its turn.

Now, when he was planning to comeback and has 50 concerts, instead he died of cardiac arrest at 50. God has planned something else for him. I hope his soul lie in peace.

Beautiful lyrics from his song YOU ARE NOT ALONE

“Another day has gone
I’m still all alone
How could this be
You’re not here with me
You never said goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did you have to go
And leave my world so cold”

RIP-MJ! We all will miss you

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