Beyond the horizon of a Failed Relationship..








The phone rang in her purse and as she looked at the screen, it was him, her husband. 

“Hello!” she said, looking down and focussing on the bunch of keys which she now tightened her grip on.

” If you think you can be on your own, its okay!… You will never be able to pull on without the security that I had provided you.” , he said

Security, is that the word he used? Of course yes,  security is the only thing that he boasted of giving her always.  But what security was he talking of? She remembered the day they first met and how they kept on meeting after that.  He seemed to be the most caring and understanding partner she could have for a lifetime.  She couldnt wait to tie knots with him because she knew she would be treated as a queen in life with him.  ” I will not let a tear pass by your beautiful eyes and will make sure that you never go to bed weeping.” , thats what he had said,…..she remembered his words well because his words used to haunt her when almost everynight thereafter, she lay weeping  till sleep embraced her sorrow but he was nowhere beside her.  He became so busy climbing the stairs of life that he remained oblivious that they had promised to always walk beside each other. She remained standing alone  from where they had started while he moved on. They led two diferent lives and though she tried making him understand yet it never became “our life” and was always “your” and “my” life.

She remembered the pain of loneliness that she faced everyday in her new life when she was left all alone to manage everything by herself.  She could never find him near her, to comfort her fear, to soothe her pain, to ease her out…. he was too busy for her.  She remembered the tears she hid by smiling even more vibrantly everytime she had an urge to break down.  Yet she lived with the pain. Because she loved him. But slowly distance crept in the relationship. The feeling is strange, when you know that you are in a failed relationship, when you know things are not working, when you have almost lost communication and the only exchange you do when you speak sometimes  is “take care”, “hello” and “bye”….. and yet you quietly observe things decay, because corrective measures are not known to you.  It is a pain to be in a failing relationship.

She remembered the last time, they spoke in person many many months ago, when she had pleaded with folded hands to actually work for this relationship, to invest into it.  But it was a trivial thing for him. Relationships dont mint money, do they? they dont pay you for your hourly investment towards your near ones.  She waited years for him to change. She would dream of him walk up to her one day and say that he needed her in life. That he wanted to forget everything and make a new beginning but all she got was loneliness, pain and the feeling of being in a decaying relationship which she knew not to correct. Then came dark bleak days of  suffering, an emotional breakdown. The pain became unbearable for her. She forgot laughing and  slowly became scared of everything, even sacred to meet people. Those were such dark days that she never thought that she would see light again.

” Hello! I was saying that why are you walking off? You would not be able to pull on without me. ” she heard him speak over the phone, his voice as cold as ever.

” I had given you every emotion I had to offer for a long time, but you never even had time to understand them or respect them. Now I have nothing in me left for you.  I am drained altogether, but dont you dare think that I will not be able to pull on without you.  Life is a very big gift. I admit that I went through such dark days that at one point I thought I will never see light again, but I have Realised that I have a huge life awaiting me where there’s lots I can do and achieve. I am starting a business venture of my own and I dream of making it big one day. Infact I will make it. Its a promise I have made to myself. And thanks dear, its because of you that I have realised how strong am I , I realised that my life is much beyond “you” or a failed relationship. That I am strong enough to fight out of depression and smile again, to fight out of hopelessness and make a new beginning again. It was definetely a learning walking with you in life till now but ahead it will only be me. You will realise one day, that you were so busy climbing up stairs of life that in the process you lost out a beautiful possession of yours. Bye and thanks.” click…

She disconnected the call and walked in. It was the first day in her own shop, a dream come true for her and she couldnt afford to spoil the feeling of achievement that she felt now. One day, I will have 500 shops like this of my brand across India, she thought and an unnoticed tear of happiness passed  by her eyes.

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