colleges-money making machines

Now a days education has reached its heights and the awareness and importance of education has been know to every nook and corners of the world.In recent days around 80-90% of people are given primary education.A few years back education was a dream for a common man and only the rich people were educated. Our government took action and changed this system completely and made education available for everyone ,but now again this problem started to appear in the form of engineering colleges. In Tamil Nadu alone there are around 250 engineering colleges and around 200 are affiliated to Anna university.The students scoring maximum marks get into the Anna university and only around 300 get seats in Anna university.The remaining students get into the Anna University affiliated private engineering colleges.The private colleges fee the students heavily ,this year many problems arose regarding the college management getting huge captivation fees.Many news papers and TV channels investigated the matter and published many shocking news about this problem.Also the officials took some action on those colleges and banned them for recruiting the first years.But now the dispute has been solved and all the colleges again started their business.

This is the situation now.Education is turning out to be a high yielding business.:(


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