Pillars of Indian Culture

Indian Culture

When we close our eyes and think about the real India, suddenly a picture comes in mind, which depicts a land of customs, rituals and variety of cultural values. What is so special about Indian culture, which keeps us united in spite of being such a large diversified nation. Indian culture has been blessed with some values which make us a class apart.

Our culture teaches us to respect our family members and we prefer to stay in a joint family where we learn basic principles of ethics and morale from our parents and grand parents. We learn how to be humble towards the elders and towards our teachers. Giving respect to other makes our knowledge and attitude moving towards positive side.  We also learn being friendly to others and it makes us united.

There have been thousands of stories from history of India, which teaches us morale of truth, integrity, dignity and ethics. Truth is really important and relevant as long as the world remains. Truth and integrity are also helpful in getting success in today’s business scenaio as without trust no organization can survive in long run and may collapse. No customer can be diverted to other attractive offers, if you have been able to develop and maintain the trust. Our culture says to be socially responsible towards others living in society around us; today, many organizations follow this principle and they have a separate department of corporate social responsibility. Many organizations earn their bread and butter from this activity alone like CRY, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF. Business ethics is stressed upon to inculcate in organization culture in order to make the company customer friendly and trust worthy. In addition to this, our culture teaches us to be loyal towards our employer, which is equally relavant and important if you want to have a fruitful and stable career.

There is no magic trick, if we continue following the principles and learnings from ou cultural values, we will be on winning track. Unfortunatley, there are people who blame our ancient culture as hindrances for development; it’s not at all true, when time changes our requirements also change and we need to adopt ourself with the changes. It does not mean that our cultural values have become outdated; it’s importance and relevance still prevail. We can do necessary fabrications without changing the basic pillars of our culture.

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