Sach Ka Samna: Playing With Emotions

Sach Ka Samna‘Sach Ka Samna’ is the latest sensation on television and it’s really interesting and thrilling when you watch a person confessing about his personal life in front of millions of audience. I watched this program yesterday for the first time and found it totally different from all other reality shows going on small screen.

The makers of ‘Sach Ka Samna’ are intended to find out people, who can show courage to accept all brutal facts which their mind might think of. They reveal the difference between the actual feeling about the existing relationships and what we pretend doing in our day to day life. This program is ruthless and has got no space for emotions, if you want to win.

Let’s have a quick look at the procedure of the program. Sach ka Samna is based on an advanced lie detector (polygraph machine), where a participant is selected on the basis of thorough emotional and psychological test with the help of series of questions related to his/her life. After going through this test, they come in front of audience and then starts a series of most crucial and emotional questions. There are total 21 questions in different steps to win 1 Crore Rs. As the show progress, the questions become more harsh and cruel exposing minute details of your personal life and feelings to millions of audience.

Mrs. Swati participated in yesterday’s episode; she was asked questions about her relationship with her mother, father in law, mother in law, husband and children. She was even asked whether or not she has ever tried to cheat her husband or tried to kill him. We heard an even more shocking question; she was asked about her intention to make physical relationship with other than her husband and many such questions which a person may never want to share in public and especially when his/her family members are also present there.

Sach ka Samna is truly playing with emotions and those who want to win money, might loose a lot of purities of relationships. The show has again proved that every man has two different faces, one which he reveals to others and another which he is actually all about.

Money can buy your emotion, that’s what the message is.

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  1. I think it is sad that people are willing to hurt their loved ones, just for the sake of earning some money. Even though the show is exiting to watch, i will never participate in it.

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