vice called free advice

free-1If somebody is to point the vice or the unwanted things in society we generally talk about smoking, drinking and other such things as bad habits and  something that is not good for the well being of our own self and others. But recently I have come across a new vice that is ruining the society and troubling thousands for no reason. My friend’s daughter who was preparing for her board exam was fed up with the advice that people kept on hurling at her without her asking for it. This unwanted advice she complained wasted her time and confused her very much. At last she evened the score by asking them why they did not apply their wisdom to their own advantage. My friend got taunts that her daughter was the most ill behaved child and got some advice on the proper upbringing of children. In earlier days advice was sought because it was given carefully and after considering all the pros and cons of the issue now the word advice has become so hazardous that some wise chap has named it as gyan bidi. I need not highlight the hazards of a bidi or the hand rolled cigarette. People who are caught unaware by these advisers are the worst sufferers. A  friend of mine had a pet dog that got scabies, some one directed him to purchase the medicine directly from the chemist as his dog too had scabies and got cured in single dose. The chemist handed out the bolus and my friend fed it to his dog. Next day it was gone, not the scabies but the dog. It died of drug overdose. My friend cursed the advisor and himself. He later said I was almost hypnotized by that confident advice, later the chemist told me that the dose was meant for big animals like cows and buffaloes. The fine line that distinguishes a suggestion from an advice is often crossed and the result is hazardous if the matter related is serious. These advices are not only unnecessary many a times they are hurting and sometimes funny. Obese people often get advice from all and sundry on how to reduce weight and the most hurting ones come when that person is eating. Eat less you fatso or something like that is impolite and hurting but yet  many people do it. A plump friend has devised a way to tackle such advisers . He retaliates with something like why don’t you eat properly you look sick and colourless whenever he sense some advice on  obesity coming his way. These however are extreme ways of tackling the problem, the solution to the problem remains elusive till there are unwanted ad visors in the society. In our country where every Tom and Dick advices Sachin on how to bat, tells Lata how to sing, Amitabh gets some lessons on how to act, no one can escape this trap of unwanted and misplaced advice. All we can do is duck them like an expert batman ducks a bouncer and be prepared to hit the next advice for a six. The best way to deal with advice is by putting Newton third law in practice. To every advice give back an equal and opposite advice. Till we learn the art of tackling advice it will always remain an ad(ded) vice in our life.

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