You are Blessed if you can’t afford something today!!!

As i sipped on to my cup of coffee, I shared a small story of my life with the friend of mine sitting with me and it took me back to my student days.

I was doing my MBA then and the city had a single Cafe Coffee Day joint.  I never missed glancing inside the outlet,  looking at the young croud hanging out there whenever i passed  by that way. Being a student then, I ran on a minimum monthly budget which permitted me the lavishness of visiting the CCD  joint once in months but my heart pined to go there very often.

Today, as I was sipping my coffee with this friend of mine in a  Cafe Coffee day outlet,  I remembered how ever since I started earning,  I made it a point to visit a Cafe Coffee Day almost everyday. The pleasure of achieving something you really desired, at a time when you couldn’t afford,  is simply inexplicable.

As we shared this feeling of mine our discussion went to a point which left me touched and pondering for days.

We discussed that If we cant afford something then we are really blessed because that gives us a reason to work hard, a dream to look up to and a sublime pleasure if we are able to achieve it one day.


I know of  friends and acquaintances who are so stinkingly rich that you name it and they can buy it for themselves.  Diamonds are gifted on the smallest of occasions, exported cars  come as birthday gifts, holidays are always in exotic locales abroad and there is never a word” no” for them. Its whatever whenever to them, yet I find this lot of people the most dissatisfied, frustrated and wild in their lifestyles.

They have nothing in life to look forward to,  nothing to own by working or saving diligently everyday. They have no pleasure of owning something they secretly desired for years and thereby they miss on the small and beautiful things in life.  They never realise the fun that is there in the journey than reaching the destination hastily. They are frustrated leading a wild lifestyle because in their run up the ladder, they have never enjoyed saving everyday to buy their loved one the ring that she always yearned for.  They may be worthy to provide their family with everything they want but do not have the time for them.  They cannot make it on their birthdays,  anniversaries…. months pass by and the only thing they speak to their immediate family is “Hi!”, “How are you”, “Take care” and that too over the phone because they are too  preoccupied climbing up the stairs in life fast. Ask them when did they last sit with their dear ones discussing something that touched them during the day and they would go blank. No wonder they finally grow frustrated and lead a wild lifestyle.

On the other side, I know many friends of mine, who would rather take an auto to a place when they can well afford a cab because that money saved will let them buy something for their dear ones, the idea of which they were secretly toying for a long time. I know of people, who smile everynight when they switch on the air conditioner in their one bedroom flat imagining of a childhood where 6 people slept in the same room on a night in May with only hand fan to keep them cool. They slog their butts off just to provide basic comforts of life but though they cannot gift  their wives diamonds on birthdays, they can gift her enough time thereby trying to do small things which make her happy and touch her heart.  There is a fun in living a life like that because you work towards achieving and isn’t  success  sweetest when it bears the fruit of sweat?  Relationships strengthen in these cases and are bonded by  threads of heart and not price tag of gifts.  There is a fun in living their life, where you may not afford a cruise in Venice for your anniversary but would plan your savings to achieve it one day by now settling for a cruise in Goa.  That’s the spirit of Living I believe.

This discussion kept me pondering and I concluded and believed,  that you are Blessed if you cant afford something in life today,  because its a curse to have everything you want.

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  1. very true , the value and dignity of labour if realised early in life takes us a long way .

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