Car War

amazing-carsSmall Car Segment:
I would like to start review of small car’s launched in last two years. The market is huge for Auto industries in India right now since lot of car companies are invading Indian market.

In this segment we have Fabia, Punto, i10, i20, Honda Jazz, A Star, Ritz, Swift. My favorites are Ritz, Fabia and Honda Jazz. Though Fabia (Rs 7.36 Lacs) and Jazz (Rs 8 Lacs) are far more expensive compared to Ritz – Rs 4.36 Lacs are the near about onroad price, but definitely Fabia has far more good interiors and Jazz as usual has the refined Honda engine, the Ritz is the clear winner in terms of price, interior, enough head room and leg space, K-Series engine and Maruti service. Chevy Spark, Wagon R are the best option for beginners and small time budget. Indica Vista has lot of space and a good family car but quality really matters for Tata Vehicles.

Punto as usual has the first class fiat diesel engine and is a hard car to drive with less performance in terms of pick up and performance, Safety is there slogan. I10 has a kappa engine but less interior space and i20 is a fully loaded petrol version and (nice exterior/lot of space) inside looks is worth trying but has less performance compared to Ritz. Swift is growing old in the market it’s a good option near to dzire.

Sedan Segment:
Maruti SX4, Hyundai Verna, Dzire, Fiat Linea, Honda City, Logan, Ford Fiesta, Ford Icon.

My dream car is a Honda any make, but it’s a cream car, so definitely vote again for Maruti SX4, its truly men are back metal. Its smooth, great pickup, you doubt whether the engine is working or not for a brand new piece. Lot of space, height, head room and boot space definitely it’s a go for Rs 7 Lacs piece and lastly Maruti service. Due its high ground clearance its suitable for Indian road conditions having bumpy and potholes. Rest sedan do not have much ground clearance.

Honda city any make is always a go go provided you have big budget to buy it. The old Honda 1.3 are still going strong and current one’s are good take for round about Rs 9 Lacs. Honda City Vtec engines will definitely give far more mileage and refined engine. The stability on highways are superb for Honda cars, whether you step into the gas for 100 or 130 Kms per hour. Honda is Honda.

Third favorite is Fiat Linea the diesel version, when I took a test drive I thought I was driving a Petrol version, the new brand heavy metal is super quite with diesel engines. You can feel the safety with heavy doors and hoods. Good interior and exterior’s, nice colours and boot space with top end model for near about Rs 8 Lacs it’s a good go for diesel lovers. Now almost all diesel cars have Fiat engines under their hood they are capturing the engine market fast. I like the diesel version than the petrol one’s.

Dzire is extended version of swift and small budget with a price tag of Rs 5.36 Lacs it’s a good option for sedan section still having a waiting list. Verna definitely needs a test drive before making a decision to buy a sedan.
Ford is not making much noise in Indian car market, I was upset about the Ford icon diesel version and Ford Fiesta made sales graph little up but the above versions of cars is definitely beating Fiesta. Think tank in Ford has to work something fast before they become GM. The spares are expensive and if you get a bad piece you are bankrupt.

Logan failed due to looks, but has enough space for three at the back compared to all the above sedan. This is a big issue cause all sedan cars do not place three buns comfortably. Logan has lot of space but other things are not so good, Mahindra needs to rework on this piece.

Luxury Segment:
Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Skoda Superb, Skoda Laura, VW Jetta, Toyota Altis, Toyota Camry.

Hmm yummy it’s the Skoda and Honda the clear winner for me.
Honda Civic- Rs 13 Lacs
Honda Accord – N/A
Skoda Superb – Rs 18 Lacs
Skoda Laura – Rs 20 Lacs
VW Jetta – Rs 17 Lacs
Toyota Altis – Rs 13 Lacs
Toyota Camry – N/A
Above price tag need to be confirmed.

Honda again refined engines, I took a test drive of Honda Civic, it took few seconds to reach 100 Kms speed and I did not realized I was at the high speed. The back seat has flat floor removing the hump compared to other cars. Lot of space and a cool Steering wheel and a dash board.

Skoda is surely a SUPERB. The latest one has got a good face uplift and they are muscle car with Skoda engines. They are reliable Czech stuff. So buy them blind folded.

VW Jetta is a great car, I drove them in city and little difficult to drive them in narrow, congested and crowed roads and lanes.Its a good German car so you have safety. Smooth, huge, performance and pickup. Try your test drive on highways and you will be dead with its speed. It has something called Emergency exit from back seat. You fold the back seat and you have a way out to boot with a button to open the boot from inside and you are out if your electronics set failed in heavy rains. That’s cool.

Toyota’s has good engines as usual and not to be missed.

Super Luxury Segment:
Audi, BMW, VW Passat,

Go for anything above 4,5,6,7 for Audi / BMW, your choice and money, especially Audi R8 with a V8 engine and for Rs 1.17 Crores.

SUV’s Sedan:
Toyota Innova gives a tuff to Tata sumo grande, Tavera . Compared to buying a high end sedan car people now prefer Innova. It has conquered the market for 8 and 7 Seaters people carrying vehicle which is just for Rs 10 Lacs. Driving a Innova gives a feeling of driving a Sedan. Its gives a nice smooth drive in city and on highways, though a diesel version its less noisy than other Indian diesel vehicle, A lot of space and comfort for a long drive and big family. Of course it’s a expensive maintain ace vehicle but definitely a go. I am quite impressed.

Next in this line are Mahindra Xylo, Tata Sumo, Grande, GM Tavera. For Rs 8 Lacs GM Tavera is a smooth driven 8 seater, specially if you get a option of two seats in the middle, the suspension ensures nothing moves in your stomach. They are very popular commercial use in India. Mahindra Xylo is tall, sturdy, spacious but hard to drive since the gear knob is too hard to move but a good strong SUV for rural India. Tata Grande has not much changed the view of customers since I can see very few grande on roads and it’s a huge tank if you sit inside and try to drive.

Luxury SUV’s:

Tata Safari, 2009 Mahindra Scorpio, Grand Vitara, Chevy Captiva, Ford Endeavour, Mitsubishi Outlander, Porsche Cayenne, Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda CRV, Audi Q7, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Captiva and Honda CRV are good SUV within a price range for Rs 19 Lacs. They give lot of comfort for long drives and have good engines. Mahindra Scorpio are huge and very popular in this diesel section, since Mahindra are well versed with Diesel engines. Tata Safari and Grand Vitara are old now nothing new except external UI features. TO mention is the HULK Toyota Land Cruiser, which is released recently in India. The white African elephant has a V8 engine with almost a 4000 CC fuel drinking middle piece. It has a huge music system and lot of luxury fitted inside and you can adjust the height of the entire vehicle up and down. So better have a close look if you see it on the road. Benz will certainly give value for your money.

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