Destiny-Calligraphy-Poster-C12331207The imperceptible force that is beyond human understanding is popularly called destiny. We become aware of it when something good or bad or something specially shocking and unexpected happens.

When such a thing happens human mind seeks solace in god. The confidence in one’s ability is lost and the hapless mind seeks the unknown and that prompts the search for God, the omniscient. Even an eagle falls short of strength in the face of storm so also the most talented, the most efficient people face defeat in trying circumstances. It is here that the debate whether man is the architect of his own destiny or the destiny shapes a man begins. The hundreds of people who died in recent terror attacks were preys at the hands of cruel destiny. They were innocent people who lost their lives for no fault. Some were killed some escaped the death by a whisker. Some escaped unscathed but will carry the trauma for many days to come.

Many ministers have resigned but after that what have the home minister, the prime minister or the defense minister or even the lady above all ministers done to ensure our safety. When we see such incidents the puzzle about destiny deepens .we end up thinking human inefficiency is behind such episodes. And is it not cruel on part of destiny that the country with a second biggest population should not have one good statesman to see that the ten dastardly hooligans do not put us on tenterhooks for sixty odd hours. One accepts it as thing beyond our control when it is something like tsunami or the earth quake or even the draught. Yet the picture of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross makes us think why this great human being had to endure so much pain. Should we just accept it as human destiny? Despite all the pain and suffering one does his best to survive .

The teachings and the path shown by the great leaders gives us strength to endure the sufferings and we start believing in “nothing happens to anything which that thing is not made by nature to bear”. They say it is our duty to do our best to steer our life in the direction of happiness and prosperity. We cannot depend on destiny alone to take us to this goal. “Aspirations, love and hope are boats on endless streams, yet madly we chase these deceptive dreams.” Human mind is ever hopeful. And this quality of human mind helps man take up the several harsh blows that destiny has to offer. The girl who was hit in her head at the CST went ahead with her marriage with a part of the bullet embedded in her head. Such brave people show us how to take destiny by its horns when it goes wild. The announcer who kept his cool and dispensed his duty when the terrorists were showering bullets has changed the course of destiny for so many people.

So can we by doing our duty sincerely be the masters of our own destiny and also pave the road to happiness for others. Man is very frail compare to the other creation of god but the only thing that makes him powerful is his hope and expectation for that destiny smiles at him

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