non violence vs violence

ACCIDENT, a condition of affairs, in which presence of mind is good, but absence of body better. I agreed with this droll definition of accident when the other day I read that the crowd set afire vehicles after a speeding truck killed a youth on Pardi Naka. It was yet another instance of displaced violence and so I dismissed it as one of the regular things which finds place in our newspapers. Having never had a feel of such incidence, we are fed up of reading such news. But when someone close to us becomes a victim of such incidence we understand why the scribes pay so much attention to such news.

riot-at-un-conferenceIt was Sunday and one of my friends asked me to read a particular article in a vernacular paper. The article was about my lecturer at the SFS College who got caught up in the riots that broke after the accident at Pardi Naka. The windows and other glass screens of her car were smashed. Even after the incident she continued her tour and returned to Nagpur after delivering the lecture for which she was going to Lakhni .I shuddered imagining the situation and what she might have gone through while the crowd attacked the car. The thought provoked a curiosity and concern and I visited her the following day and quizzed her about it.

She was her normal self cool and smiling and ready with a cup of coffee. I asked her whether she panicked when the crowd came with torches and the stones smashed the windows. She coolly said “I was more worried for the driver and the young couple that accompanied me”. Her focus was more on the lecture that she had to deliver and the fact that a young and beautiful girl was accompanying her. The young couple that was with her was under her care she felt the responsibility even when she was at the receiving end of the misplaced rancor. I felt proud that I was her student and told her so. I had read the review of her lecture at Lakhni and knew that she was as usual very good and entertaining. She further said just when she was entering the limit of Nagpur city she informed the family members about the incidence so that they should not get a jolt on seeing the badly injured car. When she reached home and every body saw what damages the car had suffered and all they did was to send the car for repairs immediately. As the damaged car would have sent panic waves.

A fitting response from the brave family. On reflecting on the above incident it can be confidently said the violence can be effectively tackled by keeping the head cool in adverse situation. It is generally said that educated people give lectures about peace because they are not at the receiving end of the violence. But if we see in detail the news regarding the responses of the sane in such cases we are pleasantly surprised that they generally face it boldly and continue as if nothing has happened.

Though such instances leave a deep scar on their mind but by setting a brave example they teach us the best way to deal with violence.

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  1. very good article. violence never helps. but mob psychology knows no reason. but cool thinking by the affected sure takes one out of the tricky situation

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