The “VOW” shades of India…

tajWhere on earth would you find a country whose every mile is dotted with striking contrasts? And yet, in these varied shades of diversity, there is an inherent sense of binding, which can only be felt by being on this great land; in true flesh and blood.

It is a land where the preacher of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi was born. This amazing land is also home to an eternal monument of love, a real masterpiece of art; The Tajmahal. This land has a rich architectural heritage spanning centuries; with historical monuments spread through its stretching miles.

It is indeed a blessed land, which has been gifted with ample flora & fauna, that provide a perfect dwelling for a variety of wild life. It is a land where many religions and faiths live in harmony. It is a country of many languages, many customs, many traditions and many colours;. and a perfect amalgamation of the old and the new.

It is a country where faith is stronger than all. This beautiful country has so many shades to offer to its visitors, that it is hard to remain unaffected by its simple yet spellbinding charm.

Come! Take a journey into this great landscape, and get VOWED…

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