friendship-day-celebrationIt was a month since the friendship day was over. So I was surprised to hear my nephew talking about something like celebrating the day in grand style. I asked him what were they celebrating? He gave me a exasperated look and started putting things in his ruck sack for going to college. He suddenly opened his cupboard and took out the straw like instrument used for blowing bubbles and put it in his bag.

“why are you taking it to college?” I asked him.
“Obviously for blowing bubbles. What else?” He answered me, shaking his head from side to side and expressing pity over my question.

“Don’t tell me you will blow bubbles in college. Your professors will throw you out of class, maybe, out of college.”
“Why would they do that on a Bubbles day! Aunty you are so funny.”

“Bubbles Day? What is that?”
“Oh. My God! Don’t tell me you don’t know. You really don’t know Bubbles day? This is height of your ignorance. You don’t even read the newspapers properly. Otherwise you wouldn’t have asked this question”

“O.K. O.K. Now you tell me what it is.”

“The Indian youths have designated all the 365 days in the year to some specific thing. You know Teachers day, Fathers day, Mothers day, Friendship day, Valentine day, O.K.? Bubbles day is one of them”

“And what do you do on a Bubbles Day?”
“Obviously blow soap bubbles. The boys blow bubbles at girls, girls blow bubbles at boys and we freak out. In the evening we take out our bikes, two on each bike. If it is your girlfriend sitting behind you then the fun is more. We ride the bikes at breakneck speed and the pillion rider blows bubbles“
“The Police? Don’t they prevent you from doing it?”

“No. An MOU has been signed between the Government of India and the Indian Youth Movement. The government has understood that we Indians are the first in the world to observe 365 days in a year for some specific purpose. Moreover, the Hotel Industry, Flowers Industry, Gift shops are all making roaring business. We are contributing towards making the economy sound and healthy. As a result laws have been changed to allow us to celebrate all these days. After all, Aunty we are keeping the country happy. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes. Indeed this is a happy state of affairs. By the way tell me when do you study?”

“What is the need for that? There are agencies who give guarantee that you will get good marks in the examination.

Nowadays, you just need to give contract for everything. There are agencies for everything that start operating from your birth and provides services right up to your last rites. Oh, God! Aunty I am getting late. Tata. Bye. Bye.”

“Just a second dear. Just tell me what are the other days that you celebrate throughout the year.”
“Aunty I will give you hand book on that. But, to tell in short, there is Balloons day, Crackers Day, Jeans Day, Earrings Day, Sneezing Day and many more. I will tell you about it all in the evening. I must rush now. My friends are waiting for me.”

My nephew rushed out of the house.
“Aunty, Aunty!” My niece was calling me. I came out of my reverie with a start and started thinking whether my conversation with my nephew was a dream. Well, I will have to wait till evening to know the truth.

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  1. when there is little time to explore the real mantra for happiness. people do such thing in search of happiness. eventually they understand the futility and grow up. till then let them celebrate all the ——————- days.

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