Bilva at temples of Lord Siva

why is crataeva leaf used in temples  of    Lord Siva  ?

Crataeva tree is considered one of the favourites of Lord  Siva. Hence it is given a prominent place in Siva temples the prickles f this tree represent sakthi the mother goddess the branches represent the Vedas and the roots are taken  for Rudra, the lord Himself . Each represent three gunas (features) each. The devotees of Lord Siva take them to be the tree eyes of their deity. Most devotees consider crataeva as a holy tree  that can cure all sins of a lifetime.

As per the belief, one should not pluck the crataeva leaf on new moon and full moon days. All part s of the tree are excellent Ayurvedic  medicines. Foreign  Agricultural Universities foster crataeva in consideration of its medicinal value, reports the Science today magazine.

Rheumatism, phlem, vomiting, tuberculosis, diarrhea and such ailments an be cured using crateva. In  the treatment of diabetes also crataeva has unique role. The Ayurveda doctors point out that the oil boiled in the juice of leaf can cure ear pain, puss in the ear etc. The change in the nature on the full moon,new moon days can  affect the tree also. That is why there is restriction in plucking its leaves on these days

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