Laughter would be bereaved if snobbery died.


Every one is born with certain arrogance and lives with it in spite of attempts to tone it down. The contribution of conceit in generating smiles is immense but rarely appreciated. If you see it from proper perspective, all the smiles are but manifestation of conceit. If you do not agree read on to know what happened with me on a single day, which will help you see my perspective.

I got up that day to see the sun smiling gloriously into a cheerful day. as I stupidly rubbed sleep out my eyes the doorbell rang, a smiling milkman mocked “abhi uthe kya”,  his tone meant lazy women I have been awake long enough to milk the cow and serve the milk at your door step and you lazy woman you would take ten more minutes to bring the vessel. Irritated I hurried.

Hurry means worry and I experienced it that day. As I hurried back with milk, I slipped on the wet floor. The thud generated panic and all the household was hovering over me with smiles on their faces. the milkman , the smiles, the delay every thing seemed annoying that day but daily responsibilities like god, are above everything , you have to follow them . I proceeded for the office, at the signal a child sitting comfortably on the mothers lap smiled at me as I waited anxiously for the signal to go green, I looked away. However, smiles generates curiosity so I looked back again, it smiled again. As if mocking at the futility of my anxiety while the light took its sweet time to turn green. Irritated at the way the day had begun I entered the office. The peon enquired

“Aaj bahut gusse main ho” while he sat smiling amid his misery, I continued over looking him as insignificant.

“I thought you were on leave today”, my colleague smilingly enlightened me. That reminded me of a job interview, for which I had taken leave.

“I had left something important in the drawer” I excused smartly concealing that I had forgotten that I was on leave.

As there was no time left, I chose to proceed for the interview with out the documents. The interview was in a hotel so I waited in the lobby after informing the receptionist. The plush air-conditioned lobby provided a cozy atmosphere. A man arrived and sat next to me. I looked at him and looked away as if it did not matter. Charming as he was, initiated a talk immediately.

“Are you here for the interview?”

“You too?” I cross-questioned. He nodded.

We discussed issues related to my job and other topics.

“I am impressed” he smiled.

“Makes no difference ,whoever impresses the devil inside gets the job , I   know you will get it because I don’t have my original papers today .and who will hire a stupid woman who forgets her interview date and time ” I replied .the  receptionist signaled and he walked off .I wished him luck and he smiled. In ten minutes, I was called for. The interviewer was the gentle man I met in the lobby.

“This devil gives you the job, congrats”, he said before I could say any thing. My application had my photograph and he had recognized me. He laughed at his own smartness leaving me to wonder was it his haughty ness or my stupidity.

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