Selfless or Selfish

selfish2A very senior colleague of mine often addresses me as Mother Teressa of the department that I am part of. It is indeed overwhelming to be given that honor and I often wonder if I really deserve it. From my view I dont but from his I do so I have now stopped thinking of the deserving bit!

Also very often people have wondered and asked me how I manage to take out time for the social initiatives that i am part of in my organization – despite being  a working mother et all. I have not always managed to contour an answer which is complete and correct. Because in my heart I have always felt that it is as much my need that I am part of all such social initiatives as my urge to help the needy.

I dont know how I got into this foray but yes I have been active in this field as a volunteer ever since my college days. The momentum continued when I joined my job and thankfully till date.

Each time I have visited an orphanage I have felt blessed that I have a loving family that I belong to and a home that is mine. Each time I have spent a day at an old age home I have felt the urge to respect my parents even more since they take care of my grandparents so well and have felt an additional responsibility to take care of my parents when they grow old and needy.  Every time I work with someone who is physically handicapped I do not forget to thank God for my body and mind which is so beautiful and fit inside out! Every field trip to the slums to give away clothes when the winters are about to set remind me of my closet and the clothes I have been able to afford without having the need for them. A charity lunch organized to collect funds for education reminds me of the pocket money which my parents sent every semester without having the need to report to them my detailed expenses.

And above all any time spent at the orphanage, old age homes, rehab center etc is sure to spread smiles on the faces of many and win you blessings that you sure deserve then.

So now am I being selfless or selfish is the question I often have but whatever be it I am happy for being part of all this the way I am.  Thank You God!

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  1. You are a role model for many of those around you, the passion, energy and enthusiasm you have put into pursuing these social initiatives have had a great impact on many a people and have actually helped them find a new path in their career and their lives. I pray this passion within you always keeps flying high and more people get influenced by it!

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