Mind your garbage

Psychologists use many techniques to differentiate between personality types. However, my maidservant has a unique technique, which can make the Jungs, Ericksons, Freuds, Frommes jump from their graves. The old woman judges everyone based on their trash disposing habits. I would not have discovered this had she not called me ziddi for waiting for the kachra wala and not allowing her to dispose our trash as per her wish. She was referring to the rigidity trait in my personality. Thrilled at her way of classification I probed further and what I found out is very interesting.

trashAn old man in the neighbour hood has a habit of stealthily throwing a bag of garbage anywhere other than the community dustbin. While his garden always remained clean, no one ever saw him disposing the garbage. Our old woman had seen him throwing bags of garbage in front of many a compounds she calls him chatra admi. Her judgment was close to accuracy as the old man was a known opportunist. There is another man who has small pit in his garden where he dumps all the garbage and produces manure for his garden from the waste. He is termed as chupa rustum by her. Surprisingly the man she was referring to is an introvert with artistic mindset. There is a person in the neighborhood that burns the garbage in front of the compound and ensured complete combustion. Interestingly her comment about this person was “sau choohe kha kar billi haj ko chali”. I must confess that person is a hypocrite.

The other day the same man in our discussion had taunted me on the amount of garbage I give to the kachrawala; he behaved, as if we were the producers of garbage and in other words pollution, while the stinky smoke that he generated polluted the neighborhood early in the morning. Charmed at the accuracy of her style of evaluating I tried to apply her theory to some more people I knew. The other day I went visiting a Sikh family I know, they were all pulling weeds from their garden. On my entry I was also asked to join “o aa ja pahle ghas ukhad phir chai piyenge ” out of my curiosity I visited them three days later and was happy to see the uprooted weeds lying there in heap, probably the extroverts were waiting for some one to help them in disposing them.

Happy at my own judgment I grinned. So this technique worked I thought. I shared this style of judging with a psychologist friend of mine. A big heap of garbage lay in front of a house. “This must be a house of an endomorph” she scoffed and before she could complete her sentence a huge bulky man rolled out of the house and we could not hold our smiles. Therefore, whenever I see small or medium-sized heaps of garbage I wait to see what type of person is it. Mostly the ectomorphs have small heaps and the mesomorphs have neat medium sized heaps. People having hold over the subject ridicule me, like any great person who puts up a new concept. The above fact itself is a proof of validity of the theory. While I work on the finer aspects of the theory, readers may draw their conclusions and contribute to the development of this new style of judging a personality.

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  1. Good one… My neighbor’s house is perfectly neat, no speck of rubbish anywhere, not even a wastebasket or a bag to collect waste is to be seen. Would like ur or ur maid’s expert opinion on her character.

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