Missing the newness about Diwali

Yesterday afternoon when I returned from a time-pass shopping spree and was planning for the evening visit to a friend’s house I thought of dressing my toddler in the the new pants which I picked for him. But then I told myself Diwali is around the corner maybe I should put this on for him on Diwali. With this thought I drifted into the yester years of my childhood and teenage.

As far as I can look back and think of my childhood Diwali was supposed to be festival of everything new, colourful and happy. I can remember “Mumma when are you going to buy me a new set of party shoes”. Pat would come the reply “Remember around Diwali how the shops are filled with new goodies, lets buy a pair then.”

My father then used to own a shop which sold dress materials (yes ready to wear was not as much in vogue then!). All year we would go visit the shop umpteen number of times and each time I would spot something catchy and park it in my heart and tell mom that this was the fabric I would want my dress to me made of.
All year if I saw some nice design for a dress I would tell my mom that , that was my pick for my diwali dress.

When the time was ripe and shops were laden with new stock mom would take us all shopping for our diwali dresses. WOW the day was one of the most celebrated days in the year. Having chosen the fabric from our very own shop (a very tough decision) we would rush to the tailors to choose the latest design. Mummy would pick new bedsheets, new curtains, new table cloths etc.. The long exciting wait for the day when the tailor would have the dress ready would call for an immediate run to the shop again. The trial and any special fittings would follow. Once all that was done the matching shoes had to be bought. Aahh now am ready for diwali only until next morning the wish list would get longer with the type of crackers I wanted. I was never a bold person so would settle for those colorful fountains, sparkles etc. And ofcourse any other new stuff which had come to the market.

Diwali was the busiest season for my dad at the shop and this diwali one only reason I detested this festival time. Dad once consoled my little heart saying the way we love to go out and shop so does all the world outside and since our shop has such nice things he needs to keep it open on Sundays and be up late nights too. My heart did not accept this but i got used to it. My dad would compensate by getting silly small stuff for us on his way back and my heart would melt 🙂

The dress is ready, the shoes are ready and the crackers too..so I am ready too to welcome diwali with open arms…The house got a warmer and livelier look on this festival. On the day of the festival the earthen lamps with their flickering flames would create a warm sensation all within.

NO not this time..not been in the last few years…its not that as if I dont have new dresses or new shoes any more but the newness about Diwali is missing. New shoes, new dresses are now available round the year. The shops are laden with new stuff round the year, The sale is ON, the shopping sprees happen every now and then. The sweets and goodies are now at your disposal to savor every other day.

Diwali is not the diwali it used to be, any more. The newness is being missed the warmth is being missed. My childhood is being missed. The limited supply of things in life bringing in unlimited happiness is being missed. Oh my ma-papa I miss you so much.

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  1. made me realized that nanaji won’t be there with us any more on diwali as he left us on the day b4 diwali

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