Say No to Carbonated Drinks

carb-drinksPeople have switched their loyalties from water to carbonated beverages. According to the available studies, people drinking more of carbonated beverages as compared to water, are high in number. But this is going to have dangerous effects on your health. You must know a few facts about carbonated drinks that will give you a better understanding of the risks involved.

Carbonated drinks have lots of preservatives, sodium content, fructose, caffeine and sugar additives. These ingredients are high in calories. Apart from the calorie concern, these ingredients have tendency to serve with a few dangerous side effects. These substances create toxic reactions in your body and you may have an ill health.

There are so many healthy beverages and drinks available. You have a wide range of choice. You can choose something that is much healthier and better than these carbonated drinks.

You must be thinking that carbon also has negative effects on your body. But mind well, other ingredients apart from carbon are more negative in character. Carbon is mild enough to merely erode your teeth enamel. But the real villians are the other ingredients present in sodas and carbonated drinks. That is the reason why you must have healthy beverages like fruit juices, butter milk, milk, shakes etc.

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  1. Yes.. carbonated drinks are bad!!! Think about it but.. in the recession too, Pepsi boasted of a 30% hike in sales:). Speaks volumes about our likes and dislikes.

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