Taking Care of your Books

33-booksBooks are your best friend. At times when you feel lonely, getting accompanied by a book can keep you occupied. Some people are so passionate about books that collecting books, novels and magazines is their hobby. For them here is an important piece of information as to how to take care of your books.

 Keeping books away from humid conditions: Humidity in atmosphere often lead to spots on books, curled pages etc. Such adverse environmental conditions can damage books in the long term. You must therefore arrange for a cup board or furniture that is specially made for keeping books in the best condition. The book shelf and cup board must be humidity proof.

 Ideal temperature for storing books: Books also get damaged in too harsh conditions like too much heat and so on. The ideal temperature for storing books is 68 degrees F. Let ample of sunlight enter the room. This can be the best way to keep your books in tip top condition.

 Safety from pests: Pests and rodents can really be a serious threat for your books. If the room has the window which faces any filthy area then you must keep the windows closed and store the books in air condition.

 Handle books properly: Many a times unknowingly and unintentionally we mishandle the books like tuning pages with wet hand, mishandling while doing photocopy, roughly moving the books etc. You must make sure that you keep books in the perfect condition.

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