There is no infinity and no eternity. Yet we use those terms as if they are at the end of our vision, a point far far away and yet not that far away. We never relate it to our mortality. It is by far terms that umbrella concepts which are unfathomable.

Life is just like a reel of film, towards the end things happen. But the reel will definitely be cut off  without prior notice. In that respect perhaps life is harsh for not being “happily ever after” unlike the usual cinema endings. My teacher used to tell us that the process of birth and death are simultaneous. They are like two sides of a coin, the moment we are born, we start to die. Our shadow is our death and one day it will come right in front of us and look us in the eye. Those who don’t flinch are those that have no regrets or pricking of conscience. We then brushed it off without much thought. But as life moved on and when cracks began to wither the rose tinted glasses that comes with childhood, realization dawned about the profundity of my teacher’s message. There is such surreality about life and the way we perceive it.

Truth alters with time. How we perceive the world changes as we grow. We begin with life, as we grow we begin to exist with priorities that mar our general perception.Towards the end we go back to life, we discard our youthful arrogance and accept our mistakes and misconceptions. Towards the end we realize what is truly valuable and how this world of senses has taken away from us that treasure of life. It is such a vicious cycle. The old tell the young through many advices falling on deaf ears. Perhaps God has created youthful arrogance to keep the cycle going, for amusing realizations and metamorphosis to happen as dusk arrives.

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