On the shore

calm-sunrise Ahead lies the immense ocean;

Beloved, on the shore we stand,

Crescent moon’s fair sparkle,

Flings a mesh of soft rays,

Picture like the silent world,

A blend of dark and radiance,

Rarely the calm breaks,

When the nocturnal birds fly,

Blurred by darkness seem,

The blazing flames of the city,

The evident agony of existence,

Parked or stirred, are burnt,

A glittering ship on the horizon,

To the west fades away,

Like a squad of flames,

Marching in search of sun,

Softly the fluttering waves,

Ebb away on the shore,

Like the lovely dreams of life,

That Inspire, bloom, shatter and recede,

Yet, on the lovely shore,

Beloved, we meet,

For Life like the ocean,

is Neither just beautiful nor just solemn.

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