Still Waters…

Still waters; calm waters

Emitting tranquility

Beautifying the serenity…

Still waters; transparent waters

Enormous clarity

In life’s nitty gritty

Still waters as reflections in mirror

Whether stream, lake or river

Still waters; depth profound

Holding vast treasures unfound

In still waters boat sails quietly

It doesn’t panic or shake; not even slightly

Still waters say things are going usual

No disturbances; nothing’s unusual

No ripples; no stifles

No occurrence; no turbulence

In them birds flutter their wings

For the waters pleasure they bring

Do ask yourself- why’s there stillness so?

Is it the aftermath of a storm so?

Or is it the advent of a stormy show?

Let these bounty waters be still

Ask a painter if  his platter he could fill

And sketch & color these elements still

Pat will come a reply- “yes I will;

With my hand firm and still”.

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