The lighthouse

In tempest the life ocean, dark the night,

On the water wriggles the angry wind,

The baffled stars suffocate in cloudy crowd,

With vengeance the wind rips the sails,

With ruffled hair the waves roar around,

Like A huge glass the waves break down,

Our ship sails on such a dark night,

A feather on the whirlwind flight,

But in the dark shines on the docks,

lighthouse2A beacon emerald silent and radiant,

Like an angel spreads its wings,

Carving bright figures on dark,

Watch the glitter on the castle far away,

And light the flame of hope, in your heart.

3 Replies to “The lighthouse”

  1. Never thought that a thing like Lighthouse could be visualized, perceived and depicted in such a different “light”. Great work of poetry.

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