Uneducated Dream

dreamOne day I sent my dream to school,

To learn the art of survival,

A reluctant Kid, I dropped it there,

Promised to come to fetch it back,

When I returned it sat there,

Like an innocent child, ragged and tired,

After the hard day’s work,

Holding my hand, staring into my face,

It declared, “don’t educate me ”

“For I am a dream”

Since that day it sleeps  in my eyes,

Poor ignorant fellow,

Happy at its destiny.

8 Replies to “Uneducated Dream”

  1. Thank God! it is not possible to send a dream to school. It is always the ignorant dream which ushers in the radical change.

  2. well, if we were able to make the dreams learn the art of survival, it would have been such a beautiful world. Full of beautiful dreams.
    very nice poem

  3. simple poem but striking…many of us here are just sending there dreams maybe because they want to go to school yet they are financially constraint. Hope you make a poem that will make education in dreams to be possible and be realized. so that no one in this world is ignorant! Keep making wonderful poem friend!and keep inspiring people!

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