What do you do when the kids have moved out ?

child's roomThey have finally gone, yeah, not that you weren’t happy to have them with you but now time for a little space and freedom. You can now walk naked in your house, if you are that inhibited. You don’t have to get up and make breakfast if you don’t want to, no more waking up anyone to go to school, no more dirty socks, underwear, no more messy rooms, no more fights over  the TV, you are free. Now you are a proud middle aged couple who can take leisurely walks in the park and not have to rush home to prepare dinner or go baby sitting. No more worrying your head off when they are not home by a certain time.

And to top it all off you are proud that you have done a wonderful job of raising a prominent doctor or lawyer or politician who carries your name with class so it wasn’t half bad.

The thing now is that you are left with  extra two rooms that you have no need for an extra two or three rooms that had vivacious kids, a few rooms where life once exuded and around which the centre of your life. Two extra rooms that now are cavernous but filled with precious memories and memories that you indulge in  every now and then. All you have to do is just enter and  let it wash over you like a waterfall. You  reminisce on how many times you tucked them in, how many times you moved their beds to find the socks that you were looking for just the other day. You reminisce on how many times you pulled the covers over them and pushed them away from the edge they were precariously perched.

So what do you do now do you preserve the memories and leave the rooms untouched only for the occasional trip down memory lane. Or do you turn the room into the studio or den  you have always wanted? What about renting it out and getting some extra income and some more life back into your house.

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