A canoe of memories floats,

On the waters of time,

Like a lamp lit,

To illumine the darkness of my nights,

When you returned home in the evenings,

The birds chirped with me,

You would bring in joy,

In my little world,

Where you lost the way,

I still cannot know,

Those were the days of joy,

Those nights of colorful dreams,

Those evening of starry skies,

morns full of blooms,

Than who spilled tears,

On the smiling love story,

I hope you realize,

Whom you left behind,

How mercilessly you shattered,

The castles of our dreams,

Who will heal this pain,

That plagues me because of my madness,

To part or meet are matters of destiny,

The tears in my eyes are gifts of your love,

Lets not talk of days that have passed,

And set on fire a pool of water.

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