The twinkle of the wrinkle.

The twinkle of the wrinkle. Every one wants to live long but no one wants to grow old. The other day my friend’s father said “I have a very repulsive face”. The old man is handsome, suggestive of the much better past and he knew it too. Yet that comment came from him. “I immediately told him that he looked handsome despite his age. My compliment made his wrinkled leather shines as he held back his naughty smile. It is common practice to compliment the young people about their looks but this practice works wonders in aged people. The wrinkled face granny glows at the reference of her being beautiful in her youth, add that she is much more beautiful today she blushes like a young girl of sixteen. Old age is not an illness, it is timeless ascent. As power diminishes they grow in beauty not only of body but of mind too. But this beauty like any needs recognition and the aged strive like all for recognition. Though, with age they understand that beauty is skin deep but they surely like to explore the depth of their skin. I love the way aged people hide the faults of their children. By doing so, they show us what age has taught them.

My friend’s father had returned from the U.S.A after spending time with his son, after his return everybody found him subdued but nobody knew why. Earlier whenever he returned he was vibrant after the holidays and ready with tales of his grandchildren. The other day my friend called and asked about his father’s mood. I told him what I observed. He had called his father to discipline his sons who were growing up. The old man used our good old Indian way of tuning up kids who do not fall in line. Things were going fine till the disciplining process was limited to verbal tuning. One day the old man raised his voice and used his hand too. American kids are trained not to tolerate physical violence, one of the kids called the police and the old man was in a soup. Since that day he had not been able to come out of it. He returned to India but the things that happened there troubled him. And from his behavior it was still haunting him. My friend asked me to talk to him and help him if possible. The fact that the little grandson making a police complaint against him, for so small a reason broke the little hope he had and after his return to India he died within a month. But the old man never discussed the issue with any one nor did he hold a grudge against any one including his son. The other day an old lady who lives alone in the neighborhood, was telling me that it was not her sons fault that she is staying alone but it was her choice. Living in the same town the son did not even bother to take care of his mother who stayed alone but she did not say so. Ours is the country where we touch the feet of the aged to show our respect for their experience and wisdom but some where in our race for success we are forgetting that the twinkle on the wrinkled faces of our parents is the indicator of our success.

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  1. Nice to read ur article after a long gap Jyoti. But thiss time ur old style is missing. Nice artilce but i expected better expression. hope 2 read more of ur articles.

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