Gazing up into the sky
watching the dark clouds roll by
A flash of lightening
A burst of thunder
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

Walking through the woods
the chirping of the birds
the swish of the willow
my mood turned mellow
made me wonder
made me wonder!

Out at the sea
listening to the waves
crashing on the rocks
or embracing the shore
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

The growth of the feotus
deep inside the womb
and the eventual perfection
of this human creation
made me wonder!
made me wonder!

Do we really need to visit
the obvious places of worship
when you have all this around you
a splendour so real so true
I wonder!
I wonder!

Is it not a perfect day
walking through this golden ray
towards a perfect place to greet
where the sun and the horizon meet
I wonder!
I wonder!


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