The process of getting to be a man from a monkey left behind a tail.

I mean that the tail was left behind. Now that you had a superior brain, what do you need a tail for,  seemed to be the theory .
Though I see so many practical uses of it even today .

It would be so convenient for the TV announcers to shoo away the flies, had they a tail .

You could train your tail to hold the newspaper while you had tea & sandwiches early in the morning .
You could use your tail to catch a pickpocket while he is active with your purse.
Or a well trained tail could pick someone’s in a crowded place .

You could also train your tail in the discipline of karate & Judo and could have a sixth weapon along with your 4 limbs and a head .

The two wheelers have models with break mechanism closer to your hands or feet . You could have a third model with one near your tail .

The beauty pageants could add one more award :The most beautiful tail of the year ”

The fashion designers along with bell sleeves and bell bottoms could design ‘bell tails’.

You could match the ‘Gondas’ at the end of your plait with that at the end of your tail and decorate it thus .

We could have kept the cosmetic industry busy producing creams and lotions to keep the tails silky and smooth .

Girls could woo their lovers by twirling their tails sensually .

You could swim the clear waters of the rivers and use your tails to catch fish.

The doctors could slap their patients unconscious again in case they woke up in the middle of an operation .

Militants could swear that they would keep their tails tied in a knot till they achieved freedom .

You could strike a yogic posture where you could balance your body on your tail and prove that the brain , placed either in the head or knees ,weighs just the same. Its only the balance of the tail that matters .

After all this, I wonder why we ever felt ashamed of our tails and hid it inside our stomachs, only to suffer from appendicitis later .

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