The Green Saree with Golden Border

She always loved wearing sarees. Saree was as though her exclusive domain- her genre; her identity she never wanted to part ways with.

Nowadays we generally see that the ladylove for sarees is kind of diminishing. It’s only for some grand occasions, that grand sarees get worn. And it’s only for some special occasions, that special sarees are worn. The rest of the time, it’s a Salwar Suit which comes in handy.

But she belongs to the former breed of saree lovers- the saree brigade so to say. And she is completely in awe of her own sarees. Sarees, which are gifted to her by friends, or by her dear husband, or which have got passed onto her from her late mother-in-law. So, needless to say, that her saree collection is mammoth. All the shades and all the materials find a loving space in her huge closet. Someone even teases her that her sarees have been with her since age eternity! She has that tendency to carefully stack up all of those. She hardly remembers any time when she had given away any of her most pricey or precious sarees to anybody. In that sense, she was dead possessive about her saree belongings.

This is not all. Her memory is so sharp- Ask her to open her wardrobe and talk about each saree- who gave it to her, or from where and when she purchased it, she’d give a complete record of every single saree—from where it was bought, or who had gifted it to her, and on what occasion. In fact, to go a step further in her saree obsession story, she’ll even have a complete account of which saree was worn by her on which special occasion! Any layman or laywoman would get totally awestruck by this, but then with her, it’s a fact.  She even remembers this. Hearing the capabilities of her awesome memory, I feel bad, as to why my memory doesn’t oblige.

Anyways, so going back to her saree story, it goes like this. So this lady was a complete saree freak. So, one day, this lady was sitting with her wardrobe open. She was cleaning up something, or so I was told. To this I reacted kind of skeptically. When a lady doesn’t even bother to give away her old sarees, and make way for new ones, what kind of cleaning must she be doing, I quietly wonder!

So as she was in the middle of cleaning her closet, she had laid down one by one, all her sarees. Her daughter was sitting right next to her. And her granddaughter (daughter’s daughter) was playing outside in the living room. She had come to visit granny for her summer vacations.

Just as this lady finished emptying her cupboard with hangers full of sarees, her six and a half year old granddaughter barged in to tell her mommy something. And what she saw in front of her eyes was like a treat to her. A kaleidoscopic spectrum of beautiful designs and shades unfolded before her! She almost forgot what she wanted to tell mom. And she rushed near granny’s treasured closet, peeping in, as to what more was in store! Then as she saw a treat already been laid out on the bed, she didn’t lose a minute to make way for herself, and perched up on the stool nearby. She looked and looked, with her little joyous eyes twinkling endlessly. She smiled at her mom, as if asking her, whether nani might be kind of interested to share one of her sarees with her.

But the fantastically diplomacy struck kids that today’s kids brains are wired; the little girl didn’t say a word to her mom directly.

But at the same time she had as if almost zeroed in on one saree in her mind, which she had liked of the entire heap, laid out there. It was a green saree with golden border, with delicate brocade work done atop, which she had already chosen for herself!  Gently she moved her fingers over that saree, and remarked in a diplomatic voice (children these days need not be taught diplomacy. It’s almost inborn!) “ Mummy, nani has such a fabulous collection of pretty sarees. Even you don’t have such an extraordinary collection, na?

And then, miracle happened. Our lady (nani) asked her “You like this saree, don’t you? Then you can keep it for yourself”.

The chirpy little girl reacted abruptly, “nani, can I make a salwar Kurta from your saree?”. To which, nani replied “Why not? Just go ahead and make whatever you want to make out of it; but be sure to use it and use it carefully”.

And so, very willingly and lovingly our lady who had so far not even been generous to her own daughters as far as distributing her sarees was concerned, in one instant, she showered her generosity on her granddaughter, and gifted her the green saree with golden border. When the kid asked how old that saree was, granny couldn’t stop blushing as she replied that it was the saree nanaji had gifted to her on her 47th birthday.

The following Diwali, when nani visited their house, the chirpy grand daughter was all decked up, looking pretty as ever, in a beautiful salwar Kurta, which was green colored with golden border. Nani was smiling end to end seeing her granddaughter carrying herself so well in that wonderful attire.

And then, as soon as she headed back home post Diwali, one day, she opened her closet and began a mop-up! – in true sense of the word. This time she was serious in her clean up act. There were many who’d line up and readily accept a precious saree as a gift from her! There were her own daughters, her sister, her nieces….the list was endless. And so, possessiveness gave way to generosity—all thanks to her granddaughter, and to the Green Saree with Golden Border.

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