An Angel on Earth

Look there –
Who’s that obscure man?
Fervently digging out debris
Debris of carcasses, cadavers, flesh and blood
Pulling out a pounding heart, a still fresh soul
Look at his arms –
Still oozing red from the merciless concrete
Eyes half dead, frail as a skeleton, clothes none at all
And a heart, still a bleeding one
Bleeding for the new life under the debris
One more life to save and he would get death
‘Buy a life get death free’, he smiles –
An evangelical smile
Who is he?

My prayers for all the people and their families who have lost their lives in the tragic man made tragedy in Delhi.  This is gross, grotesque, condemnable outright. The heinous human callousness must be stopped; we will have to brave it out. Let’s get our message loud and clear.

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