Allium cepa

The onion has made everyone cry,
Kanda bhaji is not a dish now to fry

The cost in hushed tone is asked,
The bandit is but standing unmasked

An allium too could act so pricey,
The situation had never gotten so dicey

Without the onion I am now dishing up dishes,
Trying to  bail out my poor wallet from more bruises

The onion we all took so for granted,
Now has us but completely baited

It now stands smiling sparsely on the stands,
watching our juices oozing out of  sweat glands

He is now declared the king of all kings,
The shallots never had it ever so splendid

To cook or not to cook is the question to ask,
The master chefs in India do have quite a task

The radish I hear is now making the rounds,
Yes a  surrogate but nevertheless abound

The taste of the onion shall we now forget,
And love and adore the radish instead

Lazeez Pyaazi pakoda is now a thing of the past,
Mooli will be filling our zoli is the latest forecast

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