writer’s block-a block indeed!

Any professional or self-proclaimed writer ( like myself) would have disclosed of having reached a dead wall,or what is known as writer’s block,at some point in their career. It’s a scary situation where either the mind is blank or filled with too many thoughts at the same time.For a creative artist that a writer is,this situation of having a clogged mind is frustrating as well as frightening.

When once I sat in front of my computer and waited for the divine Muse to smile upon me, I never knew it was going to be my first tryst with the ‘block’. I remember surfing the net for quite sometime not recognizing my clogged thoughts. And then it became frustrating because all I could think of was my upcoming graduation result. Well, there is always a reason for the ‘block’.Its good enough if one can recognize the reason behind the frozen mind but sometimes there seem to be no reason at all and if there is a dead line to meet, one becomes desperate for ideas to flow out.

‘Breaking’ the ‘block’ is by no means easy since one will have to break the reason responsible for it. Of course unwinding sessions like yoga  or hanging out with friends, helps. Most of all, its about ‘cooling off’ one’s mind.Too many thoughts stresses out and blocks our creative side. When the mind senses threat, creativity flies out of the window first.

A writer has to be conscious about this situation where he/she could just blow out like a fused bulb, even when they are at a zenith in their writing career. When that happens, its best to let things flow and let the mind rest.Pitfalls are usual, blocks are common but true spirit is rare… a true writer’s spirit!

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  1. Yes Maya, I too have experienced such a mental block. The brain reuses to move forward. Could this be so only for writers? Do others also suffer from such a malady?

  2. well…it has to be a problem for everyone..but artists get frustrated much more since much of their craft depends on their mind…thanx IJ for your comment 🙂

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