3 Healthy Brews from Simple Kitchen Ingredients

You are what you eat. The adage may sound antiquated, but it still rings true. In quest of healthy and delicious recipes, I have found that we can actually make some amazing beverages with the easily available kitchen ingredients.

First in the list would be:

Rainbow fruit salad

You will need:

Grapes, banana slices, pomegranate seeds, pine apple slices, kiwi slices, strawberries: All 100 gm

For honey orange sauce

Mix orange juice, lemon juice, honey and ginger julienne and a dash of nutmeg powder to make a beautiful, golden honey orange sauce.

Mix the freshly cut fruits, store in airtight container and refrigerate it for a few minutes. Add the honey orange sauce just before serving.

Nutritive value each serving:

Energy: 125 kcal

Protein: 1.8 gm

Fat: 0.37 gm

Yogurt Cucumber Sap

You will need:

Cucumber – 100g

Yogurt – 1 cup

A few sprigs of parsley

Roasted cumin powder (dry roast the cumin seeds on slow heat till you could smell the beautiful aroma. Cool down and crush after removing from the heat)

Salt to taste

Grate the cucumbers, add the yogurt and add the crushed cumin and salt and blend it till the ingredients get mixed properly. Add a few sprigs of the parley leaves and finally serve with ice cubes.

Nutritive value each serving:

Energy: 36.5 kcal

Protein: 1.8 gm

Fat: 2.0 gm

Potassium: 155 mg

Sodium: 37.1 mg

Fruit Lassi Melange

You will need:

Dried grapes – 40 gm

Fresh yogurt – ½ cup

Water – ½ cup

Honey – 1 tsf

Soak the dried grapes and allow it to get tender for a few hours. Grind into a paste in a blender. Add yogurt, honey and water and mix in a blender. Serve chilled.

Nutritive value each serving:

Energy: 90 kcal

Fat: 4.0 gm

Protein: 3 gm

My mom has tried several variations with the available ingredients and everyone liked it as much. Indian kitchen is a powerhouse of invention and the home makers keep discoveries new things every day. Only thing, we should appreciate them more often.

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