How to download the test version the Google Chrome OS for windows

You can actually get an early taste of Google Chrome OS for Windows in 5 simple steps. Follow the simple steps and decide for yourself if you really want to go for it or not.

1. Download Chromium

Go to and click on the Dev Channel link to download the preview version of Chrome. This is an experimental beta.

2. Edit the Target Field

Once installed, right click on the Chrome desktop shortcut and choose properties. Add a space and click enable apps to the end of the text in Target field. Click Apply and hit OK. Now it’s locked.

3. Install the web apps

Open chrome, go to the Extensions, and enter Developer Mode. Click on Load Unpacked Extension and navigate to Chrome’s Resources folder. You should find it on your C drive under program files.

4. Customize your choice

You will find 3 folders, gmail, app, calendar app and docs app. Click one and repeat stage 3 to add to the web apps to your Extensions menu. Open a new tab and click one you want to stick to your toolbar.

5. Test it out

Gmail and docs are the only applications available right now in the test version. However, we are expecting many more sooner this year.

Enjoy the test version!

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