The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome -day 1

Here I was in my drawing room, sprawled on the sofa and experiencing the phrase “bored to death” in its totality. I mean I wouldn’t have been bothered had I  actually died that day. I would have probably looked down at my body from above and muttered to myself lazily, “dead eh?”.

It was then that I remembered that my brother had the membership to the  DVD rental service and had asked me to use it as he was going to be busy for a few days .

I picked up the DVD to be exchanged and walked into the store . The person behind the desk too looked like, he could do with a few rajnikant jokes . Was he really bored or was it just my jaundiced eye , I was seeing yellow everywhere (read boredom ). I proceeded to sift through the collection. And there I spotted “Julie and Julia”. Meryl Streep being my favorite actress I picked it up. Got home and played it. And before I knew it, got completely absorbed in the scenes. I lived all the emotions Julia and Julie felt and cried through all of Julie’s disasters and all the flurry of emotions that she went through.

The movie is based on two true stories – Back in the forties we meet a young Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep ) a bored wife who has accompanied her diplomat husband to France. And her journey as a student in the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school to a cooking teacher to writing the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” for the servant less Americans which was  published in 1949.

Simultaneously the story shuttles to the year 2002 narrating the story of Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) who on the other hand is timid , never manages to complete anything and hates her job which involves, having to   handle phone calls from relatives of the 9/11 victims at the insurance company. Once at lunch with her close friends, Julie feels very small and trivial compared to her successful friends. Its then that she decides to bring about some change into her life. She discusses it with her husband and concludes that she loves cooking and happened to have the cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” written by Julia.

She decides that she needs to set an AA (alcoholic anonymous) kind of target. That is “one day at a time”. So she targets, cooking 524 recipes out of this book in 365 days. And she decides to blog about this activity  every single day. By and by she sees her world expanding as readers start commenting. And eventually transitions into a strong woman. She later publishes this experience in the form of a book “Julie and Julia” ,which is later made into a movie.

Well for me, it was like as if my prayer had been answered. I am approaching 50 (Not that age matters . You could start feeling worthless at any age and decide to pick yourself up from there). And my life has not been getting anywhere. Now a housewife, who had committed to giving my home the first priority. I have longed to do something that would make me feel worthwhile and satisfied. However minute it might be. I started with 2 or 3 activities simultaneously and in the process becoming jack of all trades and master of none. And slowly discarded all of them.

So I thought  how about me following Julie’s footsteps . Seems like a very good idea. I should start with only one focus at a time. Let me see, I guess I  first need to set targets like she did.  I should to  be systematic and probably scientific in my approach. Blogging about my  daily  progress would be a good idea . This will give me accountability.

So here goes, I shall take the plunge today :

FIRST TARGET : Health REASON – (This is the most important part. Because if I don’t know why I am doing what I am doing then it won’t last. ) : Well ! I am beginning to put on weight and right now it seems like ‘the beginning of the end’ to me. And I want to follow the doctrine “ A stitch in time saves nine”. I have started experiencing knee pain and back pain recently. Age is catching on me. I need to exercise regularly  to keep healthy.

TARGETED RESULT : Reduction in 10 inches around my waist , and 10 inches around my seat and reduction in about 5  kgs of my weight ( It  already  looks like a daunting task. How did I manage to get this far?)

PERIOD : 60 days  starting today (Is this an unreal time period? well I shall soon know)

METHOD TO GAIN RESULTS: I plan to do it with no help . I could easily join a health club and get the results, but it’s not all about statistics.  It’s about disciplining my life and being accountable for my dreams and desires. It’s about being consistent in the activity. It’s about exploring my limits. It’s about finding my own happiness. And in turn I shall definitely spread this happiness around.

I call it the ‘syndrome’ because the condition just got stuck to me. The word also means ‘run together’, and  Julie is with me  giving me new hope.

So there ! Be with you soon again .

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