The ‘Julie and Julia’ syndrome – day2

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths – Steven Wright

Understanding  ‘self discipline’
(ok girl! better late than never)

One who says “it can be done” and the other who says, “it cannot be done”. Both are right .
One looks for reasons to do it while the other looks for reasons not to do it and both will find them.

How does one achieve the results one is looking for?
Discipline dear discipline!
We picturize ‘discipline’ in terms of school environment or strict parents. And we generally associate it with ‘restriction’ or ‘no fun’ – mostly a negative connotation. Often related to an outside coercion. And that may partly be true in the short run.

Because we are all looking for instant gratification. ‘what’s the purpose of living if we can’t have fun?’. Ultimately it’s all about enjoying and having a blast. And we have only one life to do it.

That brings us to another related term – “self discipline”?
Why self – discipline?
When we don’t want the fun to go overboard and ultimately turn unexciting, we need an anchor called “self-discipline”.

So, how do we catch this cloud called self- discipline?
The first step – will power. Next comes consistency. Almost everyone starts off with great enthusiasm and very soon the wind goes out of the sail. Consistency is the only way to get there.
The target is, that the activity should become a habit, a way of life, mechanical. There shouldn’t be any thought process involved while doing it. Like self- hygiene. It should become second nature.
Once your research on what needs to be done and how it’s to be done is over, then all we have to do is military–like daily drill. Just do it and do it.

Its about creating a habit consciously till it reaches your subconscious.

Just as it takes muscle to build muscle, it takes self-discipline to build self-discipline.
Well now getting back to myself and my, self-proclaimed exercise and diet regimen. Day-1 was the day for resolutions and research.
Day-2 onwards the action begins .

  1. Reiki meditation : Morning 10:30 to 11:45 practiced self-healing.
    Later,  I read out some positive statements about my health. I visualized that I was exercising daily and saw myself slim and healthy, beautiful and energetic. This helped me calm my mind
  2. Worked out with the skipping rope.
    Expected benefit : Will help lose weight, will help to speed up the metabolism,   improve muscular co-ordination, tone muscle mass and develop muscle mass, improve reflexes, balance and agility, help in increasing concentration.
    Result : Could not go beyond 75 jumps. Took about 2 minutes to complete this.
    (To look back and think that I used to be an athletic champion in my school, college and one right through to representing my bank where I used to work. Seems like it was some other lifetime)
    Took a small break of 5 min
  3. Pranayam : Did 5 minutes of  anulom – vilom and 60 counts of kapaalbhaati which took about one minute.
  4. Aerobics : Evening 6:00 to 6:45,  I attempted aerobics. I say attempted because I could not complete it. I had to abandon it after 15 minutes. I was doing it after a break of 5 years. I used to complete the whole workout smoothly then. Today I reached the abdominal workouts and got a catch in my stomach and doubled up. I was writhing in pain as the spasms kept coming back in cycles. My husband had to rush to prepare the hot water bag for me. And he was teasing me “double O quits?”.
    God! The first day – a disaster. Well this was expected.
    I shall not give up though.
  5. Diet : Had planned to skip dinner today, but was not able to control my hunger so had it anyway. Will need to work on this slowly.

Blogging is therapeutic. Like introspection it opens our mind to many recesses we had never delved into before. It does not matter, how many are reading it. You are thinking aloud, is what matters

Self-respect is the root of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself – Author: Abraham J. Heschel

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