A lesson from the Scarlet angel

Two sex workers visit a bank to deposit gold. The bank official ask them to sign a form. The girls say they do not know how to sign. The bank officials laugh. The girls return back in tears. They share this incident with Amirbi.

Amirbi Shikandar Sheikh is a brothel keeper in Sangli, Maharashtra. She is called an  Awwa , the Kannada word for mother. A matron, a guard, fiercely protective of her girls, Amirbi decides she needed to do something about this.

With her overbearing physique, her leadership qualities and her protective attitude, she could have stomped back into the bank and given the officials a piece of her mind and warned them against humiliating her girls, but guess what she does? she becomes  the first woman to start a school for the sex workers.

While I was reading about this news in the newspapers, my first reaction was, “one must thank the bank officials for smirking at the girls and humiliating them for being illiterate”.

Blessings they say always come in disguise. All one needs is the insight to recognize it and turn it into an opportunity. I must admire Amirbi. Amidst all the chaos and muck surrounding her, she had the clarity and serenity to visualize this opportunity. Change happens, in the very moment you look for it. We often hide behind excuses while making this shift.

Amirbi was deceived and pushed into this trade at the tender age of 15. Education was out of question. Today in her forties, her eyes welled up when for the first time she held the pen in her hand to sign in the notebook. She hopes that education will give her girls an opportunity to move on, to source other means of earning a living.

There are so many people who have found their strength and capabilities in the face of troubles. Many have become financially independent and successful, but not until adversities had hit them first. Often reaching a point where  their bread and butter was now at stake.

An adversity can be endured if we hold on to the belief that there is a goal to be achieved and that there is a cause to the pursuit.
Adversities are inevitable but if one can swim through it and turn it into an exciting journey then the benefits are more far reaching than one can imagine. No wonder a smooth sea never makes a skilled mariner.

Adversity has the effect of awakening talents, which in normal circumstances would have lain dormant.

Could I then conclude that, the one who had the opportunity of  an adversity was lucky?
But again one should always prepare oneself and be ready. Set oneself up, be informed to take up these opportunities when they do show up. Do not live in a cocoon oblivious of the outside world. Or else the chances will just pass by.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. — Roman philosopher, Seneca


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  1. certainly there is so much to learn from these everyday events.one only needs to keep ones consciousness alive and mind open thankyou ganga

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