The mystical abode needed painting
A task that was pretty daunting

Colors dull or bright needed to be chosen
For every room and every faction

Each room housed  a different personality
And with them the colors had to agree

Some were grim and others, people of substance
And every hue needed to define their semblance

An uncle always melancholy and fray
His room had always been a shade of grey

An aunt, forever sparkling and full of life
Why orange would harmonize, the reasons were rife

A teenage son, in his own world who’s perpetually lost
A mix of shades it had to be and definitely crisscrossed

A young girl an epitome of sophistication
For her the color of silky pearl’s always in fashion

Wisdom that grayed granddad’s hair
For him any color that was fair

The painter brought his color palette around
Wondered why in a fixed pigment each person was bound

Each one deserved the freedom to change
And move up and down in every range

Life you see is never a constant
Said the painter in a voice very prudent

Let’s paint the whole house a shade of white
For each one to decide upon his own tint with delight

White invites every color into its heart
Dark shadows quietly then depart

The color of every experience will only shine brilliant
Allowing the soul to move on as it changes every garment

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