In Life as I meet new people
I believe, there is something to it
Or else why in this colossal
Only a few bring meaning to it

Through a glass window we share the milieu,
and a glimpse into your perspective I get
What is it that life has taught you?
And what is there for me to peruse?

Does life convey something deeper?
Or is it a meager passing fantasy
To be brushed off as a simple banter
And move on after every perspicacity

For this world I might be too naïve
But I prefer to be this way
For how this cosmos we perceive
Bit by bit it gets built that way

You might think that’s, but ludicrous
“Get practical” you might admonish
Why turn blind to the crassness
Its intrinsic you might say

On many counts our views will deviate
But the dialogue will surely continue
For when differences permeate
New vantage points will mediate

Sharing is a commodity so scant
I am happy to do it with you
Of thoughts and ideas and penchant
And appreciation for however that we might be

I wish not to trample on your space
While getting you to my point
And shall respect and embrace
Your standing with complete grace.

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