(I dedicate this poem to my fellow bloggers)

Creativity happens in bursts and spurts
The urgency then to express is at times such,
That the Yamdoot’s path too sometimes diverts

Giving us time to finish what we started
Forgetting the task on him that was laden, he stands
absolutely mesmerized watching while we moulded

An artist completes what God had begun
only but a miniature of the quintessential
divinity he believes was never forsaken

Dancing and singing and writing and painting
are the endowments of the one Almighty
In the different rays of the same sun we lay basking

There are never any rules he said to create
just bead all the notes into a symphony so pervasive
that will bind all the beings in one harmony to vibrate

Talk and write with words that are soothing
to exhilarate and bring to life a dying spirit
or bandage a heart that was deserted and left bleeding

Paint with all the colors and shades you have
don’t you mind about the shape and the design
just express and drown in the pleasure you derive

Each art form he said is only a component of the whole
so create and build and construct without a heed
just let the feelings percolate and liberate your soul

So create dear artist with all your efficacy
for till the time you have something to consummate
Death too will be constrained to wait outside in the alley

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