Do we need nuclear power?

In the aftermath of a series of tragedies that have struck Japan recently; what perhaps will linger for generations to come would be the recent outcome of a possible nuclear disaster. Nations like our own, are reviewing the security status of nuclear reactors . In the wake of such heart wrenching crisis, it is also the moment of interrogation. Do we need nuclear power ? Is man equipped enough to harbor such potentially dangerous source of energy? Humans are capable of using nuclear power, but at moments of crisis, like the one we have today, is it worth all the suffering ?

Nature showed us once again who is the boss. By producing sources of energy, which could turn lethal in a blink of  an eye, the risk surmounts to extreme levels. Today the debate regarding the use and necessity  of nuclear power is doing serious rounds amidst environmentalists, intellectuals,politicians and even lay-men.

Our earth is becoming potentially hostile day by day. With interpretations of phenomenons like the super moon, or Dec 21,2012, people world around are  paranoid.Threat of an earthquake, or a possible tsunami hit is not something unimaginable even for a country like India. So, in the wake of hope-crushing disaster, should we add to further dangers by producing nuclear technology? Do we really need it? Can we afford the catastrophe that might arise under a natural disaster ? Questions are strong and many. Answers don’t suffice, for it might still be too late or a bit early. It all depends not on our knowledge, but on our wisdom. Now, are we wise??

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  1. I tend to agree with you Maya. We surely can do without nuclear power especiallyv since it is no chcaper than the others. Our coal stock could last us 800 years at the present rate of consumption. Why can’t we depend on this God given gift instead of trying to be modern !

    Israel Jayakaran

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