With pain in heart
And tears in eyes
My screaming soul
Is waiting for you….
Waiting to see
Love in your eyes
For me…
Waiting for chance
To be able to say
You mean the world
To me….
Waiting to see
trust in your eyes
for me…
Waiting for clouds
to shower on us
The rain of emotions
Flooding us….
Waiting for you….
Waiting to see
Tears of love
Showering trust,
In your eyes
For me…

One Reply to “Waiting….”

  1. I have pain in my heart and a screaming soul too.
    I share all these feeling as much as you do.
    Only my “waiting” is for the long due cheque from Indianblogworld. Wonder when ‘my waiting’ will be over.
    To the person experiencing the feelings in the poem I would say
    “wake up kid” get real. But then I guess love is the strongest emotion ever and one that keeps this world going round.

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