You are important to me !!!

You are always with me day in and day out

you make me laugh, you make me cry

you connect me, with my near and dear ones

you help me hear lovely voices

you help me click beautiful photographs

and help me shoot videos

you help me see those vibrantly clicked

pictures and videos

you entertain me with enthralling music

you awake me everyday early in the morning

you help me remind about important tasks and

birthdays and anniversaries

of my dear friends and relatives

you have become part and parcel

of my life

I cannot live without

You – my dear cell phone.

4 Replies to “You are important to me !!!”

  1. Haha….
    What love towards cellphone..!!!!
    But, over everything else, I really like the style of your writing….
    You are a graphologist, a poet, a blogger…. OMG.. Wish I were so versatile….

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