Growing up years…

So curious to take one glimpse of that flying airplane,

Not even bothering if it causes any neck strain.

Playing in the basking heat till forehead sweats,

So what if in this bargain even sun sets?

Riding on bicycles all day long,

Pals who join in, taking them along.

Climbing up mango tree like a feat of a monkey,

Nicknamed in the neighborhood as notorious and naughty!

Awaiting for a chance to play some prank,

Never coming home without a good rank.

Taking each new learning experience as a stint,

Always approaching a game with killer instinct.

Bubbling with endless enthusiasm and energy,

Accomplishing group tasks with a synergy.

Unknown of a word in one’s self dictionary—Shy,

Ever overboard with questions—how, where, why?

Getting into petty squabbles in one moment,

Instantly patching up with friends the next moment.

Actively taking part in scout and camp,

Flushing with pride when called as a champ.

Always ready to crack some silly joke,

Hardly any game was played without the arm that broke.

Every little incident was as if meant to share,

Just one punch line defined us—We Dare

Secrets to be talked about in murmurs n whispers,

And although in class we were back benchers; Yet considered fast learners.

This was all we did as bouncing youngsters,

Each day we thus cherish our growing up years…

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