Ails me your upset smile;
Ur blind love with added spice;
& decadent mirth
Expressed in, void eyes…

& I want to, rescue those,
Hollow nerves that are penning queries;
And ‘poignant ping’
Inducing, memories

Trust me if u would,
God’d planned, with utmost care,
For u, a painless cure…
Someday you’ll know, this I am sure.

It was justice or injustice
Do not think, what it was.
“Why” “Why” start to cry
And to know this “why” research you try
Till you know the reason—why..?
Continue to research devoid of tear supply

Life is what, why life u got;
Why not for u..?, u wish for what;
If not that, what is for you?
Try to know, what life expects from you.

And when you know about the destined coast;
Life will become savoury like roasted toast;
Then raise a toast, for the awesome voyage;
Which thereafter u will pursue till you age

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