I am afraid to be committed,

because I don’t want to  fail,

but now I am ready..

in the name of love.

Part of this commitment are promises,

Promises that should never be break,

For this connects us and bind us,

not just friends but at this time as lovers.

I promise to be at your side,

ready to be called all the time,

In happiness and triumphs,

Specially in sorrow and despise.

I promise not to lie,

or else I will die.

I promise to be your eyes,

If you need light and sight.

I promise to be your ears,

If  you need someone to listen and give advice.

I promise to be at your back,

Ready to tap, if you need back-up.

I promise to call or send messages to you,

despite of  a busy time.

Three things I assure you,

Honesty, Trust and Love,

that you never get from anyone.

Rest assured that being faithful to you,

will always be in my heart.

I am willing to sacrifice my time,

Everything I have,

just to prove my love.

for it will be….


ONLY YOU.. ONLY YOU.. in my life.


(dedicated to MJR)

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