Desk top or Lap top computer

In my family every one has a computer.  Oh no, they are not the hired stuff but legally purchased and legally owned equipment. When I was introduced to the computer, I was a little scared of this gadget?  ‘May I start from the simple model” I enquired. “OK?” approved my grand children.

Thus came on my table my first machine called P 1.  When  expanded  it read Pentium 1 with a 10 MB hard disk.  10 MB was quite a lot, ten million bytes? Wow?  My grand children laughed at me after some six months.  ”Come, come, grand pa, learn to live with the times.  Go in for a more modern computer with greater memory,” the kids advised. Step by step I reached P-4 within two years. The P4, has so many facilities that I don’t have the time nor patience to learn them all. So, although I have a model with 80 GB memory, I use just  5 GB  for sending e-mails, store up all my files, convert all my thoughts in terms of articles and short stories and store them in various files in the hard disk and of course talk on Skype with my son and grandson who are in USA.  And I am happy with the machine.

Then the grand children came with another proposal a few months later.  “Don’t you want to settle for a Lap top, grandpa?” they asked.  “How long are you going to live with this bulky stuff, eh?” This time my two children too joined the chorus.  “It’s so handy you know?” they all sang out.

Presently,I took out the trump card. “You chaps are very fond of Lap tops, aren’t you?”

“Of course, it is so handy.  You can take it with you  wherever you go  by foot or train or airline  as if  it is your brief case?”

“Perhaps, you don’t  know that a Lap top  is a dynamite of sorts..:?”

Completely shocked they cried out,  “Wh…at?”

”Our scientists have stated that the heat produced by  a  Lap during its  operation could increase the risk of infertility in you?”

The smallest grandson, 7 years,  wanted to know,  “What is infertility?”  He was told to shut up  and listen  by one of his  seniors.

A post  graduate engineer grandson  asked, “What would happen to women who also prefer to keep the darned machine in their lap?  Will their fertility quotient too  diminish with time?  Will they become barren some day?”

According to the scientists, “Yes”.

“There you are  children and grand children, see the danger a lap top holds for you and your  future wives”?”

I further went on:  Lap top doesn’t mean, you must always keep it on your lap and use it.  You can keep it anywhere, on top of a table or a chair or whatever including root top  except of course your lap.

“So, I stick to my grand old Desk top.  OK?” I announced as a finale.

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